Buffer Solutions

Meterdiscount is an official reseller of Meytec® Professional Instruments and Calibration Solutions. All our Calibration Buffers are produced in the EU and bottled in the Netherlands and Belgium. Meytec® calibration solutions are fully certified, analyzed and tested. Traceable to NIST norm and we can supply you with a certificate of analysis and SDS should you require one.

We believe in quality. Each day, we see more and more low quality or home-bottled calibration solutions appear on the market. These bottles might be good enough for amateurs, but our customers rely on accurate, high quality calibration solutions to keep their testing and measuring equipment in optimal working condition. Your calibration is only as accurate as the calibration solution you use, and even than it needs to be kept and maintained in an optimal solution.

When it comes to calibration solutions, we offer a wide range of popular options and sizes. All our calibrations buffers are suitable for both hand-held meters, desktop devices or electrodes. Today we offer a range of Premium pH calibration buffers, ORP Buffer Solution, Conductivity Standards, Storage Solutions…

PH Calibration Solution

Our most popular calibration solutions are definitely our PH Calibration Solutions. Premium pH buffer solutions designed for professionals who need to calibrate their sensitive and expensive pH meter and pH electrode with maximum precision. Our pH buffers are universally compatible with all brands on the market, you just need to verify the correct type of pH buffer you require before you start the calibration process.

We offer a wide range of pH calibration solutions, from clever bottles with a built-in dispenser to the increasingly popular sachets. Whatever option you require, with Meytec® premium calibration solutions you are guaranteed accuracy time and time again. At this moment we have the following variants in our catalogue: PH 4.01, 6.86, 7.00, 9.18, 10.01 this covers about 99% of the market, should you require a special value, please contact us and we will do our best to meet your demand. Click here to go directly to our PH Calibration Solutions we have on offer.

ORP Calibration Solution

ORP Meters require a special buffer solution, designed to calibrate ORP or Redox meters only. We have several options available to you today. ORP Meters and ORP Electrodes are vey sensitive instruments and therefore require a very stable ORP buffer solution for precise calibration. Before you start calibrating your ORP Meter, please read the manual carefully to make sure you have the correct ORP calibration solution for your device. Click here to go directly to our ORP Calibration Solutions.

Conductivity Standard

Electrical Conductivity (EC) meters require a special buffer solution, known as a conductivity standard. Our Meytec® premium conductivity standard for EC meter calibration is suitable for an exact calibration of both EC Meters and EC Electrodes. Today we have the 2 most popular versions of conductivity standard in our offer: EC 1.413 and EC 12.88.  Order your Conductivity Standard now online.

KCl Storage Solution

If there is any product we recommend you to buy together with our calibration solution, it would be KCl storage solution. This is a special solution designed to store pH and ORP meters and Electrodes when you are not using them. You probably noticed that your PH and ORP meter usually have a gel filled liquid inside. It is vital that you never ever let your pH or ORP meter dry out. This will permanently damage the sensitive pH or ORP electrode. For pH meters, add a few drops of KCl storage solution to the protective cap when you put your pH meter away for storage. PH and ORP electrodes usually already come with a protective cap that keeps the electrode nice and moist during transport or storage. We recommend you keep this endcap and fill it with KCl storage solution when you don’t use your electrodes.