ORP Electrode

Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) can be measured with an ORP Electrode. The measured ORP level is displayed in Millivolts. It tells you how strong the disinfectant (oxidizing) power is of a liquid, the higher the outcome, the higher the disinfectant potential. ORP electrodes are very common to be found in laboratories and industrial production of food, medicine and chemicals.

ORP Electrodes are also used in the swimming pool industry, where the ORP Electrodes are used to measure and dose the chlorine production.

Our ORP Electrodes

Developed in Switzerland, our Redox electrode use the best Swiss components and technologies. It is compatible with all 12mm diameter ORP electrodes that use a standard BNC connection.

The Redox electrode has a gold plated tip, making it extra durable against corrosion. It also improves the stability of the ORP measurement. This makes the Gold ORP Electrode the best option for people with a salt chlorinator swimming pool. Nonetheless, the gold plated ORP electrode is compatible with any pool controller on the market.

The Redox electrode has a very precise measuring range between -1999mV and +1999mV. Designed with an extra durable poly carbonate body that allows the ORP electrode to operate in temperatures between 0°C and 80°C and high pressures up to 6 bar.
This ORP Electrode is designed for swimming pool, aquarium, water treatment and many more applications.

ORP Electrode - Applications

Our ORP electrode or Redox probe is compatible with all major dosing systems: Aseko, Prominent, Sugar Valley, Seko, Micro Dos, Hayward, Pentair, Aqua Scenic, Oxilife, Hidrolife, Aqua Scenic, Dinotec... So if you are looking for a replacement ORP probe, look no further and order your spare ORP probe today.

ORP Electrode - Calibration and Storage

Calibrate your Redox probe at regular intervals and only use fresh and clean Redox calibration buffer or ORP buffer solution specifically designed for ORP probes and electrodes. Always check the manual of your manufacturer for the correct calibration procedure of your ORP electrode. We have a special Calibration solution designed for ORP meter and ORP Electrodes in our offer, we highly recommend you to use this when calibrating. 

A ORP electrode is a very sensitive instrument. You must always treat it with care and NEVER let the gold electrode be exposed to air for a long time. The Redox gold electrode must always be submerged in a liquid, if it dries out, it will no longer work accurately.

Always rinse your ORP electrode after use and put the protective cap back on, filled with KCI Storage Solution designed for ORP electrodes.