PH Buffer Solution

PH Calibration Solution

Of all calibration solutions available on the market today, pH calibration buffer or pH buffer solution are by far the most popular and most sold versions. It makes sense given that pH meters and pH electrodes are sold worldwide and have a broad user base, from a lab-worker to a pool owner.

Your pH meter or pH electrode is only as accurate as its last calibration. If you care about precise and exact pH measurement, you need to calibrate your instrument as often as possible or each time you require the most accurate pH measurement.

Professional pH Calibration Solution

We distribute Professional pH Calibration Solutions, produced by Meytec® in the European Union. Meytec® Buffer solutions are produced according the highest international standards and comply with all necessary requirements and regulations such as NIST and DIN. Not only does our pH buffer solution meets all standards, it also has a long shelve-life that guarantee you can enjoy your pH calibration buffer as long as possible.

PH measuring instruments are used worldwide by a wide variety of operators. Most popular user groups are laboratories, schools, universities, water-treatment, fish-farming, planting, gardening, pools… And many more. One thing all of these groups have in common is that pH meters and pH electrodes require very regular calibration in order to have an accurate pH measurement.

What variants of pH buffer solution do you offer?

Today we have 5 different pH buffer solutions in our offer, available in different packages according to our customer’s needs.

  • PH Buffer Solution 4.01
  • PH Buffer Solution 6.86
  • PH Buffer Solution 7.00
  • PH Buffer Solution 9.18
  • PH Buffer Solution 10.01

To accommodate our different types of customers, we have broadened our range of pH buffer solutions. Today we offer pH buffer solutions in a wide variety of formats, from plastic bottles with build-in dispensers to very handy one-time use sachets.

If you are a professional user, we can recommend you our pH calibration solution in 250ml bottle with built-in dispenser. This bottle allows you to accurately dose your pH buffer solution, reducing waste and minimizing contamination. Today we offer up to 9 variants in this package and it has been our best-selling variant, right after the pH sachets.

Our smaller 60ml bottles of pH calibration solution are perfect for end-users who only need to do a few calibrations per year. The small bottles fit easily on your desktop and you can even insert a pH electrode directly into the pH calibration solution.

Our best-selling calibration solutions are the (pH) Sachets, these are small bags that hold 20ml of premium Meytec® pH calibration Solution. A very easy one-time only solution and because the sachet is completely airtight and protected from sunlight it guarantees its user that the pH buffer solution will remain in optimal condition. You can order the Sachets individually or in a larger bulk box containing 20 pieces at reduced price.

How do you use pH calibration solution?

There are a few basic rules you need to keep in mind when using pH calibration solutions.

  • Always make sure you use fresh, uncontaminated pH buffer solution. Store it in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
  • Read the manual of your pH meter carefully when calibrating. Follow all the steps and if you require more than 1 pH buffer solution, always clean it in between in a neutral H2O solution.
  • Calibrate as often as your manufacturer prescribes you. If you are a professional user, you need to calibrate every time you want to have the most precise pH measurement.
  • All modern gel filled pH meters and pH electrode require regular calibration and maintenance (KCl Solution) Take care of your instruments and you will enjoy them for longer.

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Please always consult the manual of your pH meter or pH electrode before calibration. You must be sure to use the correct pH buffer solution with the correct pH value and you need to follow the correct procedure described in your owner's manual.