PH Meter


Measure the pH level of any liquid within seconds, accurately. That is exactly what a good pH meter should do. Discover our selection of pH meters and pH/EC Combo meters designed to be user-friendly, easy to maintain and to calibrate.

PH Meter Pool and Aquarium

Pool and aquarium owners are by far our largest group of customers. For pool owners it is very important to keep the pH level of their swimming pool around pH 7.2. This makes it as neutral a possible for the skin and the eyes while still maintaining a good efficiency of the chlorine. The efficiency of chlorine changes, depending on the pH level. Naturally, owners of aquariums need to monitor the pH level of their water to make sure it is perfect for their fish and plants. 

Find out more about pH meters and their applications here.

PH Meter Calibration and Storage

When we calibrate a pH meter, we will use what is known as a pH buffer solution or pH calibration solution. This solution has a fixed pH level at a certain temperature. And because we know the exact pH level of the calibration solution, we can tell the software in our pH meter exactly where that point is. 

The calibration process nowadays of a pH meter is easy and fully automatic. Just insert your pH meter into the correct pH calibration solution and start the process. You should calibrate your pH meter as often as prescribed by the manufacturer or each time you need the most accurate pH measurement possible. Only use fresh pH buffer solution and only use it once. Find out more on how to calibrate a pH meter.

Always put the protective cap back on your pH meter and store it in a dark and dry place. We highly recommend you put a few drops of KCl Storage Solution into the cap of your pH meter. This KCl Storage Solution will protect your sensitive pH electrode from drying and it prolong the lifespan of your pH meter. Never allow your pH meter to dry-out, this will cause permanent damage. Find out more about KCl Storage Solution.